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Leave It To The Clean Team!

Welcome to TidyCan Shoals Trash Can Cleaning and Sanitization where cleaning is what we do best! Our team doesn't just clean anything though---we specialize in cleaning trash bins! That's right. Those cans you place your trash in; they get pretty dirty after some time and no ordinary method will work. That's why we take care of it for you!

Our Services

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We Clean

Tired of your dirty trash can? Unpleasant smells and spills? We've got you covered! Once you've had your trash picked up, our team can deep clean the inner contents of your bin washing away any stains, build-up and residue.


We Sanitize

Not only do we scrub your trash bins, we also sanitize them for an extra deep clean. We sterilize your bins to deter pests and rodents from being attracted to your trash cans. This treatment also kills any germs!


We Fragrance

Let TidyCan Shoals Trash Can Cleaning and Sanitization give your trash cans the final treatment of our cleaning process: deodorize and freshen. We actually fragrance your trash bins so they smell inviting!

Why Sanitizing Your Bins Is Important!

Trash cans and pick-up service are commodities that help us live in an easy, disposable society. We simply remove unwanted trash, toss it in a bin and let someone else do the rest. By their design and intended purpose, trash cans can become very unsanitary very quickly. They are a storage unit for all the leftover food, garbage and virtually anything you toss out.

With that being said, these bins are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and foul odors that no one wants to deal with. But, what you may not realize is that letting your bins go unchecked for prolonged periods of time can lead to hazards. We’re here to bring awareness to some of these risks below!

Rodents Carry Diseases

When your trash bins get dirty and caked with remnants of food, drinks and odors, it attracts rodents as well as flies, roaches and even maggots. Rodents are known to carry all sorts of diseases including the Hantavirus which is a host of viruses very toxic to humans.

Hazardous Germs

Just like rodents, unsanitary containers also produce germs and mold which also pose a threat to health and safety. Bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus, and E Coli easily develop in bins which can lead to food poisoning and illnesses.

Prevent The Spread---Hire Us Instead!

Don't let your bins become havens for germs and hazardous critters! Instead, hire our team to provide bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services for your trash cans. We offer an eco-friendly wash cycle that helps preserve water usage while still giving your containers a deep clean! Debating on cleaning your trash bins yourself? There are a few reasons to reconsider. Not only will you save yourself the hassle, but also conserve more on water with our services than if you hosed them down yourself! Not only that, but we use powerful agents that truly sanitize your bins and kill germs that traditional cleaning methods don't. Plus, all cleaning supplies we use are eco-friendly and biodegradable. We stand behind the green movement!

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